Monday, November 5, 2012

Burwood-Morgan Mill

This past weekend, His Majesties 17th Light Dragoons participated in the Clark County Heritage Day.  It took place at the site of the Burwell-Morgan Mill in Millwood, VA, located in the heart of Virginia hunt country!

The Mill
The Mill sits in the middle of the little village of Millwood.  Built by Hessians Prisoners captured at Saratoga and held captive in nearby Winchester, VA, Colonel Daniel Morgan had the prisoners construct the Mill as well as his home.  He named his home after the battle of Saratoga which still stands today and is a private residence. 

Sergeant Fisher
The regimental recruiting Sergeant was hoping to recruit more riders and horse for His Majesty service, but only managed to recruit and befriend a Fox Hound.  The hound got separated from his pack earlier that morning; perhaps the smell of the grill was much more enticing than the scent of a fox.  After seeing the Recoat and riding boots, the hound decided to take up with the Sergeant and stayed by his side (and on his blanket) most of the day.   Eventually the poor creature, charged with the crime of stealing hot dogs and hamburgers from small children, was placed in confinement by the organizers for his own good until his owners, The Blue Ridge Hunt Club, came later in the day to re- claim him.  All in all it was a great day with wonderful weather and fresh pressed warm apple cider.
Apples for Hot Fresh Pressed Cider (or Horse Treats)
The Mill's Hearth on the Third Floor

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Raid on the Chesapeake

On October 27th, the 17th conducted reconnoitering operations along the Sassafras River within the vicinity of Mt. Harmon Plantation. The mission was to seek out rebel foraging parties, collect intelligence from locals, and question potential spies.   In return, the Dragoons located several rebel’s patrols and the cavalry and found themselves in numerous skirmishes and engagements throughout the course of the day.
Foraging took a turn for the better by sundown.  The Regiment and Maryland Loyalists commandeered the Kitchen House and was treated to a Feast along with drink, that was fit for His Majesty himself, prepared by the Distaff of both units!   Later, the Kitchen provided warm shelter for the night. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wellbourne Plantation Immersion Event

The 17th participated in the Wellbourne Plantation Immersion event in Middleburg, Virginia this past weekend, 6-7 October.

The 40th Regiment of Foot on Point

Captain Phillips and Sergeant Fisher enjoying some "Common Pot" after a patrol
Captain Phillips riding out in front of the foraging party

Sarge taking a breather inbetween patrol
The British foraging party in front of the plantation


Monday, October 1, 2012

Next Event

The 17th next event is from 5-7 October 2012 at the Philadelphia Campaign Immersion Weekend located at Welbourne Plantation in Middleburg, VA.

Time to separate the Men from the Boys!  The setting is the Fall of 1777 after the occupation of Philadelphia. His Majesties 17th Light Dragoons will take part in this 24-hour Immersion operation and join British foraging parties guided by local Loyalist civilians throughout the countryside.  Civilians whether Loyalist, Patriot, or neutral are moving throughout interpreting refugees or going about their daily course of business.  Patriot patrols, both militia and Continental, will be shadowing, observing and disrupting the British foraging parties.  Should be a real experience for everyone involved!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Philadelphia Campaign 1777

The 17th participated in the 230th Anniversary of the Battle of Brandywine (Philadelphia Campaign 1777) this past weekend. 

“General Washington, being determined to stop his progress towards Philadelphia, posted a body of militia at Ironhill an eminence about three miles from General Howe’s out posts. He also posted three brigades of Virginians with 6 field pieces at Christian Creek about 8 miles from Wilmington, from each of which they detached a party of 100 light armed men...”
Sergeant William Grant, 8th Virginia Regiment

The 17th Light Dragoons reenforced by the 43d Regiment of Foot
 In 1777, British General William Howe, embarked his army on transports, and landed them at the Head of Elk in the Chesapeake Bay. From there, he advanced northward through Delaware, toward Philadelphia. Washington prepared defenses against Howe's movements at Brandywine Creek, but was flanked and beaten back in the Battle of Brandywine on September 11, 1777. After further skirmishes and maneuvers, Howe was able to enter and occupy Philadelphia.
Photos Courtesy of 2d Virginia Regiment
To commemorate the 235th anniversary of the Philadelphia Campaign, the 2d Virginia Regiment host a Revolutionary War living history event at Brandywine Creek State Park on September 15-16, 2012.
17th Camp
The 4th Company of Foot, Brigade of Guards and the 17th Light Dragoons

Monday, August 13, 2012

Training Weekend August 2012

The 17th Light Dragoons spent a training weekend in New Jersey that included several new recruits!  All members had a great time getting ready for and drilling on horseback for the remaining events of the year.

The Motley Crew

Two Peas in a Pod - Tank and Riley

Off with his Head!!  Dragoon Bradford and Riley.

Commander Phillips and Sergeant

Dragoon Bradford's prize
Trumpeter Phillips and Iggy

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Virginia Living History Day 2012

Sergeant Gregory Fisher was invited to represent the 17th at the annual Virginia Living History Day on 21 July celebrated by the Prince William County Public Library.   Sergeant Fisher shared with the public the equipment and weapons used and talked about the Regiment's role in Virginia during the southern Campaign in 1780-81.   The event was well attended by history enthusiasts young and old alike.

George Washington's Birth Place

Members of the 17th were invited to participate in “First in War-Revolutionary War Encampment” at Washington’s Birth Place National Park. 

Sergeant Gregory Fisher, pictured with a young visitor from Hickory, North Carolina, talked to visitors about the role of British Cavalry in the American Revolution.

Distaff Kimberly Walters, pictured in the hearth kitchen above, prepared a dinner meal using period receipts with herbs and vegetables grown in the on-site garden.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pope's Creek, George Washington's Birthplace

Members of the 17th will be at George Washington's Birthplace, Pope's Creek, in Colonial Beach, Virginia on 14 July. The British Marines, 17th Light Dragoons, and 64th Regiment of Foot will be on-site to conduct firing demonstrations, will show a camp display, and their distaff will prepare an 18th century meal over a hearth for the day's event.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Rock Ford Plantation 2012

The 17th Light Dragoons were out for the Crown Forces at Rock Ford Plantation in Lancaster, PA from 9-10 June 2012. 

Captain Philips
Photo by Kelsey Freeman
Dragoon Fisher
Photo by Kimberly K. Walters
Dragoon Dawes
by Kimberly K. Walters

Trumpeter Philips
Photo by Earl Shibe

Sunday, March 18, 2012

2012 Event Schedule Posted

The 17th Light Dragoons is pleased to announce their 2012 Event schedule (also posted on the left with links to the event sites). Now is the time to make your plans to see the premier British horse cavalry unit at the following events:

Feb 19 Fort Ward Battle Reenactment, Alexandria, VA (Past)

April 14 Regimental Drill, Mount Harmon Plantation, Earleville, MD

April 28 Fort Fred Market Fair and Live Fire Competition, Fort Frederick, MD

May 12-13 Colonial Plantation, Ridley Creek State Park, PA (Mothers Day Weekend)

June 8-10 Rockford Plantation, Lancaster, PA - BB/CL Event

Sept 14-16 Battle of Brandywine, Brandywine State Park, Wilmington, DE (TBD)

Oct 5-7 Wellbourne Plantation, Middleburg, VA

Oct 27-28 Mount Harmon Plantation, Earleville, MD

Nov 9-10-11 Veterans Day Weekend, Colonial Plantation, Ridley Creek State Park, PA.