Monday, November 5, 2012

Burwood-Morgan Mill

This past weekend, His Majesties 17th Light Dragoons participated in the Clark County Heritage Day.  It took place at the site of the Burwell-Morgan Mill in Millwood, VA, located in the heart of Virginia hunt country!

The Mill
The Mill sits in the middle of the little village of Millwood.  Built by Hessians Prisoners captured at Saratoga and held captive in nearby Winchester, VA, Colonel Daniel Morgan had the prisoners construct the Mill as well as his home.  He named his home after the battle of Saratoga which still stands today and is a private residence. 

Sergeant Fisher
The regimental recruiting Sergeant was hoping to recruit more riders and horse for His Majesty service, but only managed to recruit and befriend a Fox Hound.  The hound got separated from his pack earlier that morning; perhaps the smell of the grill was much more enticing than the scent of a fox.  After seeing the Recoat and riding boots, the hound decided to take up with the Sergeant and stayed by his side (and on his blanket) most of the day.   Eventually the poor creature, charged with the crime of stealing hot dogs and hamburgers from small children, was placed in confinement by the organizers for his own good until his owners, The Blue Ridge Hunt Club, came later in the day to re- claim him.  All in all it was a great day with wonderful weather and fresh pressed warm apple cider.
Apples for Hot Fresh Pressed Cider (or Horse Treats)
The Mill's Hearth on the Third Floor