Wednesday, December 8, 2010

This Day in 17LD History - 1775

"War Office 8th December 1775
I herewith return to you the several Invoices of Medicines and Materials which have been furnished for the use of the Forces ordered abroad; as also for the Hospitals and Garrisons mentioned in the Margin hereof, during the course of the present year; and to acquaint you that His Majesty approves of what you have done.

I am Sir &c.

Apothecary General"

[In Margin:]  17th. Regt. Light Dragoons
35th. 49th. 63d. 22d. 40th. 44th. 45th. 15th. 37th. 53d. 54th. 57th. 17th. 27th. 55th. 28th. 46th. & 33d. Regts. of Foot Augmentation to 51st & 61st Regiments of Foot Hospitals at Senegal, Boston, Grenada, Dominica, St Vincent, Tobago 14th Foot at St. Augustin, Garrison of Gibraltar.

(SOURCE:   Great Britain, Public Record Office, War Office, Class 4, Volume 95, Page 185)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Today in 17LD History - 1779

17th LD

War Office 3 Dec. 1779

Gentlemen –

Lord Barrington, my preceptor in the War Office, having approved of the Sum of Eighty Guinees to be allowed to Colonel Ainslie for his trouble, of the Sixpence he was just to in superintending the artillery and remount horses of the  17th Regiment of Light dragoons at Fortsmouth in the year 1776. I am to  desire you will be pleased to pay the Sum of Eighty Guinees to Colonel Ainslie, and charge the same against any account that many remain as present unsettled of the 17th Regiment of Light Dragoons.

                                                            I am Gent
                                                                                    C. Jenkinson

Monday, November 29, 2010

This Day in 17LD History - 1775

Methods proposed by the following Corps for supplying their officers with Camp Equipage, and their men with necessaries for the ensuing Campaign

Boston 29th, November 1775

Regiments                 Camp Equipage for Officers
17 Drags                     Provided                                    

Necessaries for the Men
Captain Nedham who is gone to England is to provide them

[Microfilm Collection of the David Library. Film 19, Reel 1. WO 36/03]
Page 12.

Return of Drivers, Horses & Wagons furnished by Brigadier General William Dalrymple Quarter Master General to the Army in North America in the District of New York by order of His Excellency the Commander in Chief for the General & Staff Officers and several Corps of the Army Between the 1st of October & 31st December 1780 inclusive.

Distribution                                        Drivers            Horses            Wagons

17th Regiment Light Dragoons                   17                    14                         7

[Microfilm Collection of the David Library. Film 19, Reel 1. WO 36/03]
Page 50.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

This Day in 17LD History - 1775

"War Office 28th. Novemr. 1775

It having  been judged highly reasonable and fit  that  the Clothing & Accoutrements necessary for Regiments paid by Ireland, but employed on Service out of that Kingdom, shall be provided in Ireland, and exported from thence, I am to acquaint you therewith for the Information of the Board of General Officers appointed to inspect  the Clothing &ca, and to signify to you it is H.  M.  P. that  although  Patterns   may not have been  exhibited,  nor  the Clothing viewed here for Regiments under the Circumstances  above stated,  the Assignment of the Offreckonings arising here on  the Established Numbers of such Corps, be passed & allowed,  notwith­standing any former directions to the contrary.

The Regiments at present in this Situation are  as  follows Vizt.

17th Regiment of Light Dragoons,  
15th. 37th. 45th. 49th. 61st. 63d. Regiments of Foot. 

I shall inform you of the Regiments concerned when any Alterations occur.

I am Sir &c


Thomas Fauquier Esqr
[In Margin:]  See p. 329-331
SOURCE:   Great Britain, Public Record Office, War Office,  Class 4, Volume 95, Page 130.

Monday, November 22, 2010

This Day in 17LD History - 1776

Head Quarters  DeLanceys [sic] Mill.
22d November 1776.

A Weekly Guard of an Officer and 20 Dragoons from New York to Kingsbridge.

Taken from British Orderly Books: Sir William Howe, Commander in Chief, September 26, 1776 - June 2, 1777, Captain Henry Knight, Aide-de-Camp to General Howe, New York Historical Society Collection, Mss. page 114.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

This Day in 17LD History - 1776

Boston 18 Nov[ember]r 1775

1 Captain, 1 Subaltern, 1 Quarter Master, 2 Serjeants and 2 Corporals of the 17th Dragoons (are) to hold themselves in readiness to go to England on the Recruiting service.

(Taken from General Orders, America, Source W.O. 36/1, for June 10, 1773 thru January 10, 1776, as transcribed and indexed by Gilbert V Riddle)

Monday, November 15, 2010

This Day in 17LD History - 1776

"Head Quarters  De Lancy's Mill
15th November 1776.

Three Parties of a Corporal and Six Dragoons each [are] to take post at Major General Grants Quarters, at Williams's House near the Encampment of the 23d Regiment and at the Post occupied by the Picquet of the 16th Dragoons.  The whole [is] to be under the direction of an Officer of the day, of the Dragoons."

Taken From:  British Orderly Books: Sir William Howe, Commander in Chief  September 26, 1776 - June 2, 1777 [Captain Henry Knight, Aide-de-Camp to General Howe.]
[New York Historical Society Collection, Mss. page 99.]

Friday, November 12, 2010

This Day in 17LD History - 1775

12th Nov[embe]r [1775]

The Light Dragoons will enter into the Winter quarters allotted for them as soon as they are prepared for their reception.

[General Orders,  America      Source: W.O. 36/1]
[for June 10, 1773 thru January 10, 1776]
     [as Transcribed and Indexed by Gilbert V. Riddle]

[MSS 159]

Thursday, November 11, 2010

This Day in 17LD History - 1776

"Head Quarters  Dobbs's Ferry
11th Nov[embe]r 1776.

"The Baggage [is] to move off as soon as loaded, by the Left in the following Order…

Dragoons, 71st Regiment, British Reserve, Hessian Grenadiers, and Chasseurs, Brigade [of] Guards, 1st and 2d Brigade [of] British, Hessian Brigade, 3d Light Infantry."

Taken From:  British Orderly Books: Sir William Howe, Commander in Chief, September 26, 1776 - June 2, 1777
[Captain Henry Knight, Aide-de-Camp to General Howe.]
[New York Historical Society Collection, Mss. pages 89-90.]


"Head Quarters  Dobbs’s Ferry

11th Nov[embe]r 1776. 
After Orders 7 at Night

The Army and the Baggage [is] to March in the following Order, notwithstanding the Orders of this day.

When the Army moves, they are to March in two Columns, the left Column [is] to consist of the British Reserve and Hessian Grenadiers, and to take the Route by the right, passing the Bridge, over the Saw Mill River, where they will find a Guide to conduct them to their Ground, each Regiment will take their Artillery with them.  The Baggage of that Line will make the Front, and take the same Route, a Guide will conduct them, and the Corps will be particularly careful that their Baggage falls into the Line from the right as they are now encamped.

The right Column consists of the Brigade of Guards, 1st and 2d Brigades [of] British and one Brigade of Hessians, [are] to march from the right.  The Guards [are] to take the shortest Cut to join the Post Road leading to Kings bridge.  The other Brigade [is] to March from the right by Head Quarters and follow the Line of March of the Guards.

The Baggage of this Column [is] to march from the right by Dobbs's Ferry and [is] to precede [sic] the right Column falling into the Line as they are now Encamped.

The Baggage of the General Officers [is] to March in the Front of the Baggage of their respective Columns.

The Baggage of the 71st Regiment [is] to Stop at Colonel Philips's where the Regiment will halt –‘till further Orders. Guides will attend their respective Columns as well as Baggage.

The Dragoons mounted and dismounted [are] to form into four Divisions and March as formerly in the Front and Rear of each Column.

The Artillery not belonging to particular Corps, [is] to march in the front of the right Column.

The Chasseurs [are] to parade at the head of the Left Column as soon as the Army is in motion.

The 3d Battalion Got 3 Light Infantry [is] to make the rear Guard of the right Column, but not to move 'till the Army is on their March."

Taken from:  British Orderly Books: Sir William Howe, Commander in Chief, September 26, 1776 - June 2, 1777
[Captain Henry Knight, Aide-de-Camp to General Howe.]
 [New York Historical Society Collection, Mss. pages 91-94]

Thursday, November 4, 2010

This Day in 17LD History - 1776

Head Quarters White Plains.
4th Nov[embe]r 1776.
After Orders 4 0’ Clock. 

The Army [is] to March by the Left in two Columns in the following Order.

Left Column
1st Battalion Hessians                                                                
2 Battalions Guards
12 Pounders and Howitzers                                            
5 Battalions [of] Hessians                                      
1st Brigade [of] British                                                        
Hessian Grenadiers                                                            

Right Column
Light Copys [sic] of Guards British Artillery of Lt.
British Reserve
1st Light Infantry
1st Chasseurs
2 New York Companys [sic]
2d Light Infantry upon the 2d Chasseurs right Flank

The Cavalry [is] to March in four Divisions, two to each Column. The 71st Regiment [is to] cover the March of the Baggage.

The Baggage of General De Heister, 2d and 3d Light Infantry, the 3d Brigade of Hessians, 2 Comapnys [sic] of Chasseurs and 2d Brigade [of] British will form the right Column of Baggage, A Guard [is] to attend to conduct them.

The Baggage of the General Officers, 1st Brigade [of] British, the Guards, British Reserve, Light Infantry, Light Dragoons and 71st Regiment will form the Left Column of Baggage.

An Engineer with a Waggon [sic] of Entrenching Tools and a Division of Carpenters will march at the head of each Column of Baggage.
Brigadier General Cleveland will receive his Orders for the March of the Artillery from the Commander in Chief.

Brigadier General Leslie with the 2d Brigade and the 3d Light Infantry with their Guns, and the right Division of Dragoons, will march at day break, and will be conducted by the Quarter Master General.

The 3d Light Infantry and 2 Companys [sic] 2d Light Infantry, with the Dragoons [are] to parade at the head of the second [sic] Brigade.

His Excellency General De Heister will Command the left Column.
His Excellency Lieutenant General Clinton will Command the right Column.

British Orderly Books: Sir William Howe, Commander in Chief
September 26, 1776 - June 2, 1777
[Captain Henry Knight, Aide-de-Camp to General Howe]
[New York Historical Society Collection, Mss. pages 80-83]

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Today in 17LD History - 1776

"3rd Nov[embe]r 1776.

The 16th and 17th Dragoons are immediately to make up three days Forage [sic] in order to carry with them when the Army moves."

Taken from the British Orderly Books; Sir William Howe, Commander in Chief September 26, 1776 - June 2, 1777

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

In the News - Cecil Whig

(L-R) Our Trumpeter, Sergeant, and Commander

"British troops prepare for battle Sunday during a Revolutionary War Reenactment Festival at Mount Harmon Plantation in Earleville. Hundreds of reenactors entertained guest over the weekend with military as well as domestic and camp life demonstrations."

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Battle of Mount Harmon

The 17th participated in the Battle at the Mt. Harmon Plantation in Earleville, MD.  The site was absolutely goregous, isolated, and perfect for this regional event.  Check out an uncut version of the unit's participation in the battle! 

Monday, October 4, 2010

Guns along the Brandywine

The 17th participated in the Philadelphia Campaign of 1777 at Brandywine Creek State Park in Delaware.  The News Journal writes about the experience.  Watch the 17th in action!

Revolutionary War buffs relive 1777 campaign
By IRA PORTER • The News Journal • September 27, 2010

     It's worth standing still to reflect on America's independence and take in all that has happened. Ask Mike Gerrard, who stood still, looking back over the rolling hills of Brandywine Creek State Park on Sunday as troops marched off the battlefield and clouds of black-powder smoke hung in the air.
     "This was interesting, to have this number of committed individuals to re-enact something that happened 230 years back in our history. It's not a trivial undertaking from what you can see," said Gerrard, of Newark.  "A lot of people died who are nameless. Families lost fathers, sons, brothers, and we owe a debt of gratitude," he said.
     Gerrard and his 9-year-old son Jonathan were two of hundreds who came out to witness the re-enactment of the Philadelphia Campaign of 1777. Brandywine Creek State Park, along with the 2nd Virginia Regiment, hosted the event Saturday and Sunday, which portrayed a battlefield from the Revolutionary War.
     Re-enactors from New Hampshire to South Carolina participated in the event, as well as aficionados who set up tents and sold replicas of Colonial-era goods.
     Soldiers representing the opposing forces dressed in traditional Revolutionary War garb and performed drills, played field music and did cavalry demonstrations and artillery drills both days.  Mike Pukatsch, 23, of Wilmingham, came to the event with his wife and friends.  "I'm a big history buff," he said.  "I like how close you can get to how it really was for them, how you can be right there," said Pukatsch, who has been a re-enactor in Civil War demonstrations.  Mike Deadorff, 23, of Bellefonte, said he thinks life was better in Colonial days.
"It was more simple and easier for them. Now you get everything given to you these days," Deadorff said.  In one of the dozens of tents set up for selling goods, Charlotte Carpentier explained the use of bone creases, turnscrews, musket flints and rifle flints as they were used in 1777. She also sold books on the culture of life then and explained the attire that people wore. She traveled from Tiffin, Ohio, where she works for Smoke & Fire News, which publishes re-enactment events.
     "There are lots of people out there who love this stuff," said Carpentier, who was dressed in a cap, gown and a cape, traditional Colonial-era garb.
     Contact Ira Porter at 324-2890 or  URL: