Sunday, January 10, 2016

Recruits Wanted!

We are always looking for potential new recruits for both the mounted and dismounted sections.

Mounted recruits should have their own horse, or have access to one that they can use. The rider should be competent and confident enough to walk, trot, canter and gallop in a controlled situation amongst other horses. The horse should be likewise, and also be ok among other horses, both on the battlefield and on the piquet line in camp. If you are working with a horse, we can still accommodate you but may have some restrictions early on to ensure the safety of the rider, the horse, other members of our unit, and other units. We are happy to work with you and we understand the time and effort involved in working with a horse new to reenacting. A few of our members are professional horsemen from various disciplines, so we are a great source to help you with safely integrating you and your horse on the field. You must be 16years of age or older to ride a horse on the battlefield, and to use weapons at events. If you are training your horse to work with gunfire, we can offer suggestions on how to go about it. The key to any good training is patience and consistency. Horses can be of any breed, but must be of solid colour to historically portray the animals used during the American Revolution. (no obvious paints, appaloosas or palominos please). You will need to be able to neck rein your horse and use a Pelham style bit on him/her. Stallions are not permitted for safety reasons. We will integrate new riders and horses into events depending on ability and safety. We can help you aquire tack, kit and weapons and may have some loaner equipment available until you re fully kitted out..
We also have members who can ride, but don't not have a mount currently. We would still happy to have you, if that is the case, and you can work on getting your kit together and field with our dismounted unit until you have found a new horse.
If you have any questions about the mounted unit please contact our mounted commander Capt. Jess Phillips

Historically, the 17th LD were augmented with dismounted dragoons before they left Ireland to come to America. We have an accurately kitted out troop of dismounted dragoons, that at events, generally act as detached light infantry troops who work closely with our Horse. Although similar, the kit of the dismounts is less cumbersome and more adequate for working on foot.
Members of the dismounts work on British Army weapons drill and light infantry tactics, and are generally in the forefront of the battlefield and in the thick of the action.
Once again you must be over 16 years of age to handle a weapon on the field. You should be prepared to be able to walk and occasionally run short distances over various types of terrain.
We do have some equipment and weapons that we can loan out while new members are acquiring their kit.
Both units camp together, and we generally have a campaign style camp that includes the horses, and we all chip in to take care of camp, food, and the horses.
If you have any questions about the dismounted unit, please contact our dismounted unit commander Sgt. Andrew Clive at

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