Sunday, November 28, 2010

This Day in 17LD History - 1775

"War Office 28th. Novemr. 1775

It having  been judged highly reasonable and fit  that  the Clothing & Accoutrements necessary for Regiments paid by Ireland, but employed on Service out of that Kingdom, shall be provided in Ireland, and exported from thence, I am to acquaint you therewith for the Information of the Board of General Officers appointed to inspect  the Clothing &ca, and to signify to you it is H.  M.  P. that  although  Patterns   may not have been  exhibited,  nor  the Clothing viewed here for Regiments under the Circumstances  above stated,  the Assignment of the Offreckonings arising here on  the Established Numbers of such Corps, be passed & allowed,  notwith­standing any former directions to the contrary.

The Regiments at present in this Situation are  as  follows Vizt.

17th Regiment of Light Dragoons,  
15th. 37th. 45th. 49th. 61st. 63d. Regiments of Foot. 

I shall inform you of the Regiments concerned when any Alterations occur.

I am Sir &c


Thomas Fauquier Esqr
[In Margin:]  See p. 329-331
SOURCE:   Great Britain, Public Record Office, War Office,  Class 4, Volume 95, Page 130.